The Problem with Unorthodox Catholic Facebook Ministries

I am always in awe and supportive of various Catholic ministries on Facebook that promote the Catholic faith in an orthodox way through their posts and do some scummed to modernism or go back into the 70’s.  Okay, so I am 25 years old, but that era of the Catholic Church leaves a bad taste in my mouth with many innovations that harmed orthodoxy and has caused many Catholics to either leave the Church to seek out orthodox churches, become Protestant, or even worse, an atheist.  I love those pages that support orthodox Catholicism such as the Tridentine Latin Mass, support orthodoxy through sacred scripture and tradition.  Those are what brings people back into the Catholic Church.  Those Facebook pages help spawn a new generation of Roman Catholics to help bring back the Tridentine Latin Mass and our orthodox view of Catholicism and not this whole Modernism crap such as Catholics not having to do certain things such as fasting.  I was viewing this fasting page the other day on Google and while their message, I think is personally a great message is saying that all faiths are welcomed, they clearly state that they are Roman Catholics.  My concern is that a Roman Catholic page, who says that they are Catholic, should not dare to use a Protestant quote on their page.  If you claim to be Roman Catholic, you must follow what the Catholic Church teaches.  This Protestant, as some or not many of you have heard of, John Hagee despises and hates the Pope and the Catholic Church with a passion.  No one can say that they are Catholic and quote a Protestant, who denies the Real Presence in the Eucharist, the Immaculate Virgin Mary, and the Most Holy Trinity, and the intercession of Saints, etc. That’s not how it works.  As a Catholic, there is something that you say every Sunday!  That is the Credo!  When you say it at Holy Mass every Sunday, you are saying that you believe in the Real Presence, you believe in the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, the conception of the Holy Spirit, that Jesus descended to the dead and will come to judge the living and the dead.  You are not saying just some meaningless words!  You are saying that you truly believe in the Catholic Church and her teachings!!  You cannot say that you support Protestantism when you profess to be a Roman Catholic.  It doesn’t work that way.  You are either Catholic, or you are in a schism!  You either abide by the magisterium of the Catholic Church or you can leave at any time.  Now certainly, we have had bad Holy Fathers in the past and certainly there could be more in the future, but we must be obedient to the Church’s teachings and pray for them!!  Woe to those, who double speak!  Woe to those, who profess to be Catholic, yet support false ecumenism!  Woe to those, who recite the Credo, yet to not profess what they have said!  Shame on them!    Hold onto traditions and orthodoxy as a Roman Catholic!traditions

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The Weak Minded United States Conference of ‘Catholic’ Bishops

Last Monday, many Catholics and several Christians prayed in response and various Priests were celebrating Holy Mass for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in response to the Satanic mockery of the Holy Mass where they desecrated a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a pig’s heart and mocked the Eucharist in Oklahoma City.  Yes, they had a consecrated Host with them.  It should have been a Holy Day of Obligation here in the United States like it was all over the world, but in a ruling by the pseudo-Catholic Bishops, they made a ruling in 1991 that states that if a Holy Day of Obligation falls on a Monday, then it is not required.  That is ironic since they have named the Solemnity of the Assumption as a Holy Day of Obligation.

You would think that since it was a First Class Feast last week and the Bishops, knowing what was going to happen that they would have Priests doing Holy Hours or saying Holy Mass or better yet, have the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary be a Holy Day of Obligation as a way to rebuke the Satanists.  I was really holding up hope, but nope.  No statement from them telling the faithful in the United States or around the world what to d as a way to rebuke them.  It is a shame that when the faithful want counsel from our Bishops and Priests, they are not there to do anything.  Fortunately, one Archbishop did speak up.  Archbishop Coakley of Oklahoma City did speak up and was the only one of the Bishops here in the United States to encourage Priests to have Masses, Rosaries, and Prayer Rallies.  Not a word from my Bishop about anything in how to rebuke the events in Oklahoma or if any Priests would be saying Mass.

It really made me wonder what happened to good orthodox bishops like we had in the good old days.  We need another Saint Nicholas of Myra to slap out many of our Bishops, who act just like Arius. Arius did not care if others got his way nor did he preach any solid Doctrine or Theology.  He denied the sole fact that Jesus was both human and divine.  Saint Nicholas, acted out of love and service as a Bishop by slapping Arius because he knew that Arius was weak.  Arius is sadly, alive and well in the Catholic Church still.  We have Bishops that only exploit their ministry for a political gain.  A great example of this is Archbishop Blaise Cupich.  He does not care what the Catholic Church teaches such as homosexuality and Holy Communion being received by Catholics, who have been divorced.   He only cares about what Catholics want.  He only cares about what he wants such as the Democratic ideologies. Cupich and other many leftist Bishops only care in supporting things that are against Catholicism and are not compabible with Roman Catholicism.

There are also the types of Arius’s, who only care about having that title of Bishop, but do not care in promoting what true Roman Catholicism is as long as they are popular.  Cardinal Dolan is a great example of this.  He does not care what he does in New York as the Archbishop as long as people are flocking to him and not looking up the fact as a Bishop.  He is keeping Venerable Fulton Sheen’s body hostage and the only reason for that is because he would hate to see the first American Bishop be canonized before him.  Many people on Facebook type ‘Amen’ or ‘Dolan, we need more people like you.’  Woe to you, who type that.  Dolan is far from being a good Prince of the Catholic Church.  If anything, he has ruined the Archdiocese of New York.  There is an LGBT friendly parish there, but instead of threatening to close that parish down, he threatened to close down a Catholic parish that offered the Tridentine Latin Mass that is very popular in New York.

Our Bishops do not care about saving traditional Catholicism.  They have become so weak over the years, that we, as the laity or those, who are Priests are scratching our heads as how to perserve good old traditional Catholicism when we have weak minded Bishops, who promote Catholic Rice Bowl, Catholic Relief Services or anything like that which give our money to Planned Parenthood.  They can say that they are Pro-Life till kingdom come, but when our money is going to Planned Parenthood, how can they be so Pro-Life.  Now, I am certain that many good and faithful Dioceses have stopped doing CRB and CRS, which I applaud them for and they have my full support. It is those Bishops, who have not stoped CRB and/or CRS that I take issue with.  How dare they say they support Catholic teachings and doctrine, when they are breaking the Fifth Commandment?!?!?!!  They either need to back the Church up with being for life or leave the Church and find a Church that suits their radical leftist ideologies.

It is time for the USCCB to either act like Bishops or leave the Church so that a new orthodox USCCB can start and actually uphold Catholic Doctrine and not be weak.  The road to hell is lined with Bishop’s skulls and if that doesn’t put the fear of God into them, nothing well except for when they are judged by God.  While I am certain that there are great Bishops and Archbishops such as Archbishop Kurtz, who established the Fortnight for Freedom, we must pray for them to remain faithful and for those Bishops, who are laxed in the faith and abuse their cathedras as political gains.  We must pray for more orthodox Bishops to become part of the USCCB in the near future or else, we will lose our faith as Catholics to those Bishops, who are not faithful sons to Holy Mother Church.the_road_to_hell_by_erict.jpg


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The Liturgy of the Mass: Should the Liturgy Be Timed?

I am back from vacation and boy, I had a rude awakening into how horrible some Novus Ordo Masses can be.  I attended Holy Mass at the Basilica of Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine in Orlando, Florida and it was very beautiful to be at a beautiful basilica again!  However, unlike most Novus Ordo Masses that I attend, this Priest had everyone sit down before the Gloria and the Confiteor and had every tell the Church where they were from.  Yes, this took place right after the Sign of the Cross.  Afterwards, the Priest had the choir director talk about how they are in dire need for a pipe organ and a new music system before continuing on with the Mass.   Do not get me wrong.  I love sacred music and want it to continue in the Catholic Church and have no problem with financially supporting any parish that is implementing sacred music in their parish.  I had a problem with the choir director speaking during the Mass.  It would have been much better if the Priest had asked the congregation during the homily to help support the sacred music program during the offertory.  Now, for the title of this blog.  I have a deep love for the liturgy, but I am seriously put off when a Priest rushes through every single prayer and does Eucharistic Prayer II just to shave two minutes off of the Mass.  The Mass is not about time, but it is about being thankful to God and receiving the Eucharist.  Once you remove anything that deals with the Eucharist and substituting  one Eucharistic Prayer for another that does not have the same meaning, limits the true meaning of why we gather at Mass to commemorate the Lord’s Passion and Death.  We, as Catholics must not worry about time constraints when it comes to the Holy Mass.  Saint John Vianney, who is probably my Saint said that if we truly understood what the Holy Mass is, we would die from love of Christ that is present in the Eucharist.  It is a shame that many priests exploit the Priesthood and say Masses that are 30 to 45 minutes and then go a baseball game.  Woe to those priests, who do that.  They are not true Priests if all they do is speed up the prayers at the Mass.  The Liturgy is not to suit them nor should it suit us!  The Liturgy is based on our deposit of faith.  It is about sacred tradition and sacred Scripture.  If we truly believe that Christ Jesus is at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, let us pray for the full hour!  Even Jesus asked his disciples the garden why they could not keep the watch for an hour.  Imagine if Jesus asked us why we couldn’t keep watch for an hour during Holy Mass.  Liturgy is to be an hour long because we are receiving the greatest gift known to man and that is the Eucharist.  It is like going to someone’s home for Christmas and only going for the gifts.  How selfish is that? That is the same mindest of those, who shorten the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass and do not have any regard to the Eucharist.  My dear Catholic brothers and sisters, this is a golden opporitunity for each of us to help teach our Priests in a way that will help them to understand what the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass really is!  We must work with them to understand why we want to restore the sacred at Mass and not just have a drive thru style Mass.  We must be prudent in our actions and start a Liturgy Club at our parishes, but only with the permission of the pastor.  Ask the Pastor or a Parochial Vicar to help you out in establishing a Liturgy Club that will explore various Papal Encylicals from during the Reformation to now that talks about the Liturgy and how the parish can benefit from an hour long liturgy that is centered on the Eucharist.  We can do this without belittleing each other.  We must pray, as one body of Christ to restore the sacred and not worry about the timing of the Holy Mass.  1031705_orig.jpg

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The Monstrasity of this Monstrance

World Youth Day 2016 is coming up very quickly in Krakow, Poland.  Several people including Diocesan youth groups, parish youth groups, Priests, Sisters, and various Consecrated Religious and Laity.  Let us pray for them in that they can experience Catholic in a proper and authentic way.  As you have probably seen what is floating around on Facebook or any Internet site, the monstrance that looks like the Divine Mercy image with the WYD image.  It is sad to see how Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is treated nowadays.  The Eucharist, as the Baltimore and the Catechism of the Catholic Church have stated that it is the Eucharist is the source and summit of all Christian life. How can the Eucharist be the source and summit of Christian life, when we treat the monstrance, that Jesus will be placed in if it is not built with our eyes rising to God and making our evening prayer of sacrifice?  The monstrance is another type of the Ark of the Covenant.  In the Bible, God tells Moses and Aaron to make the Ark of the Covenant out of wood, gold, silver, and bronze and how to make it (c.f. Exodus 25:1-22).  The Lord dwelt within the Ark and people did not only praise the Ark and what it contained, but it raised their eyes to God.  Even when Mary was anticipating with Jesus,  people were already drawing their eyes to God in wonder and amazement for what God had done to the Virgin Mary.  Saint John the Baptist, leapt in Saint Elizabeth’s womb and even raised his eyes to Heaven.  How beautiful that although Mary was still pregnant with our Lord and Savior, people were already looking towards her and her son while raising their eyes up to Heaven and thanking God.  Our Lord deserves better and his house (i.e. the monstrance) should be constructed of the same material objects that the Ark of the Covenant was created out of.  We as Catholics must hold true to Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition if we are going to hold the Blessed Sacrament as the source and summit of our lives.  We must hold true to how we hold the Eucharist when venerating Our Blessed Lord in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  We must restore the sacred and bring back those precious vessels that are worthy to hold and contain our Lord in!  Cardinal Arinze said it best when he stated about if we truly believe that we Christ is in the Blessed Sacrament, we should be crying, being on our knees and begging God for mercy and forgiveness.  How can we though when Our Blessed Lord is in a house that does not elevate our eyes to God.  It is time to bring back the gold, silver, and bronze again and contribute them into making a house worthy for Our Lord.  We must stop this monstrosity of modernism and bring back the traditions of Holy Mother Church.  The monstrance on the left is the WYD 2016 monstrance and the other one is what a monstrance should look like!!

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All Around the Liturgical Bush

So now that the Holy See has renigged on any efforts on having the Novus Ordo i.e. the New Mass be celebrated ad orientem.  This is a clear sign of something smelling fishy in Rome.  There are one of two things going.  One, someone did not get the full story right and made statements to agree with their statements or two, things got lost in translation.  I pray that something got lost in translation that Pope Francis and Cardinal Sarah can bring together a proper change to helping in fostering a proper way into bringing about a more positive change to the sacrifice of the Holy Mass.  With all of this news now about the liturgy being ad orientem being up in the air, the secular press has now hit on it and has talked about there being a war against Progressive and Conservative Catholics about being active at Holy Mass.  As a Latin Mass goer, I have been well aware of this for many years.  There is a war that is coming, but unlike any type of a war strategy using weapons, the only way that true Catholicism can prevail is through prayers and helping Catholics, who have fallen away or have not been properly catechized in the faith due to lax catechumenists or priests is through those.  Catholics, who are orthodox in their faith and have properly fully put into practice what the Catholic Church teaches can do some much good with those type of Catholics and help foster a liturgy that lifts up our hearts and minds to God and not to man.  We can stop dancing around the liturgical bush by helping to teach our brothers and sisters in Christ that we can foster a liturgy that is based entirely on God by praying the Rosary, pray silently one hour before Mass (even if you have to travel home first and change), pray before the Blessed Sacrament regardless if there is exposition.  Overall, pray for everyone to stop dancing around the liturgy bush and stop with the messing around with the wordage.  There’s that famous saying that actions speak louder than words.  In the case of Pope Francis and Cardinal Sarah when it comes the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass, it is the wordage and the dancing around of the liturgical bush.  We must pray that Pope Francis will continue the work that Pope Benedict XVI started with raising the Tridentine Latin Mass to the Novus Ordo.  We must pray that he, as Christ’s ambassador here on earth that he will bring everyone into the true faith.  We must pray for Christian unity and for everyone to be one with us, as Roman Catholics again.  If we can help Pope Francis out and help catechize people and help them out in understanding both forms of the Mass and then, we can help the Catholic Church in promoting this liturgical dancing around the bush to be stopped.  It is possible with us, but until we can help teach others about the Church, we will be treated like rocks.  We must help inspire a new generation of Catholics (both young and old alike) to inspire our Priests, Bishops and our Holy Father to return the Church to its days of glory and not a wimpy place.  As Saint Paul said, “Let your ‘yes’ mean ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ mean ‘no'”!  We must say “Yes, Lord! Help me to be your faithful servant in promoting faithful obedience and truth with charity to everyone you wish for me help bring into the faith.”  We must stop this whole liturgical dancing with it comes to the ‘he said, he said’ game.  We will never be able to stop this liturgical bush dancing if we do not catechize our Christian and Catholic brothers and sisters in the true traditions of the Catholic Church and pray for our Priests, Bishops and the Holy Father.  How else are we going to get back to our traditions and get the Tridentine Latin Mass? It will not happen if we keep this lost in translation things going and the name calling. We must ask our Bishops and Cardinals, who are privileged to work at the Vatican along with the Holy Father to have regular contact with him about their ideas and  suggestions and  see what he has to say before either of them give an interview that will say the opposite.  Only then will it stop dancing all around the liturgical bush of crap!  It will only happen with proper catechesis and helping to remind our Priests, Bishops and Popes to hold true to the offices of which God has chosen them to be in.  Our Lady, Mother of the Church, pray for us!  Saint Joseph, patron of the Universal Church, pray for us!Latin-Mass.jpg

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Courtships and Having a Holy Family

It has been a while since a courtship blog and as many people are starting to court over these long summer days, what would be  better to start off the weekend with a courtship blog? Courtships, if you have noticed lately has been thought of something that is for old people, who just do not have a life anymore by today’s young people.  It is a wonder why then, so many young people get married and then just after a few short years, get a bill of divorce and then their family unit is broken whereas a couple, who have courted and have a strong foundation set on God, get married, have children and have a healthy marriage.  Courtships are a beautiful thing that signifies something that is very intimate with the man and woman.  It signifies that they have accepted and discerned that God wants for them and wants them to have a family in a way that is holy and acceptable in his eyes.  When I first became a Tridentine Latin Mass goer, I honestly thought that courtships were a thing of the past and that a couple should date.  Now, I have learned something that courtships that are increasingly beautiful and that is praying for your spouse through Novenas and Rosaries.  The Solemnity of the Most Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph is possibly my favorite feast and solemnity ever since Saint Joseph is my favorite male Saint and who is my inspiration on discerning who I should court and marry according to God’s plan! Saints Zelie and Louis Martin are possibly the best role models in a world that is against marriage and wants to attack the family life.  We, as Catholics must stand firm against attacks that range from courtships to marriage and family.  The Devil is doing everything he can do to destroy the meaning of marriage especially within the Catholic Church and especially within the Novus Ordo or especially Tridentine Latin Mass goers, who are in a courtship and want to be like a Holy Family like Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!  Those, who are single have a wonderful opportunity to stand against the Devil and support those, who have been called by God and are in courtships and to marriage.  It is through the prayers of those, who are single and seeking a pure courtship while praying for those, who are in a courtship that God will look upon with kindness, love, and mercy for everyone, who wants authentic love.  Living life like a Holy Family will help strengthen the Church of God and will lead everyone to holiness and prosper to more holy vocations besides marriage.  Courtships build up the Holy Family of God and each of us have a duty to do so through Novenas, prayers, supplications, and reparations to various Saints, whose patronage is children, courtship, marriage, and other various patronages to the family.  Men, it is your duty to be like Saint Joseph.  Protect your family like Saint Joseph did!  Protect them through silence.  Women, it is your duty to be like the Blessed Mother.  You must understand that you are sacred in the eyes of God and that God loved you first and placed you higher than all the other creatures.  You are the vine of your home and as such, your sole duty is to help your husband in bringing up children in accordance with God’s most holy laws.  Children, it is your duty to be just like Christ and do what they ask of you for this is holy in the eyes of God and for maintaining to be a perfect Holy Family.  It is your duty to be like Christ (even when as an adult) in obeying your parents.  Jesus is the perfect example of being like a child.  He was obedient to not only his Mother, but to God, the Father in the last moments of the crucifixion before bowing his head in the last simple act of obedience.  That is the perfect statement of having a courtship, a healthy marriage and a relationship with God through Holy Mass with your family.  By a simple bow to your parents, you are telling them that you are willing to be obedient to them in whatever they ask of you.  I have several friends, who attend the Novus Ordo Ad Orientem and the Tridentine Latin Mass who have said that they (along with their spouses, even before they were married and had children), that they would always pray the Rosary before or after Holy Mass for authentic love, for God’s vocation in their lives and for vocations! Everyone desires to have a Holy Family no matter their vocations.  The greatest way to have a beautiful Holy Family is centered on God and not man.  In the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary, “Do whatever he tells you!”  Pray the Rosary, say Novenas, find a spiritual director to help you out in your vocation towards marriage including, most espiecally the Sacraments of Holy Communion along with the Sacrament of Reconciliation!  Do whatever it takes to fulfill what God has commanded of you! Courtships are a direct line to being just like the Holy Family.  It is possible if you allow God to make you like the Holy Family!  It is possible for everyone!!  holy-family


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Did Our Lady of La Salette Predict Pope Francis and What Can We Do To Help?

This week, Rome has hit the Catholic world like a ton of bricks and made us all feel betrayed by what Father Lombardi and Pope Francis said about Cardinal Sarah requesting that all Catholic Churches return to celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to being Ad Orientem on the First Sunday of Advent.  On Monday, Father Lombardi and Pope Francis both announced that they would not allow Churches to follow up with what Cardinal Sarah suggested and in England, Cardinal Nichols basically mocked Cardinal Sarah for even suggesting something like having the Priest and the people face God and Jesus altogether.  This is wrong.  For a Cardinal, to mock another Cardinal is wrong, but when a Cardinal of an Archdiocese mocks a superior Cardinal like Cardinal Sarah, who holds the highest possible Vatican post is just wrong and Cardinal Nichols should have been repremanded by Pope Francis.  However, Pope Francis sent out his brilliant (I use that term loosely because I am not a fan of Lombardi nor consider him to be a brilliant spokesman like Jaquin Navarro-Valles during the Papacy of Pope Saint John Paul II) to do some damage control about Cardinal Sarah and to say that the Pope does not favor Ad Orientem Masses.  Excuse me, Father Lombardi, but didn’t Pope Francis just celebrate the Novus Ordo being Ad Orientem for the Solemnity of the Baptism of the Lord in January of this past year? You and your little press secretaries either need to shape up or ship out and stop throwing great Cardinals under the bus like Cardinal Sarah!  Francis, even in an article published by the Catholic Herald stated that he wanted to have the Mass be celebrated in a way that was what Vatican II wanted in the first place.  I guess Our Lady of La Salette was right when she said that Rome would lose the seat of faith and would be home of the AntiChrist.  Our Lady of La Salette told Max and Melanie, “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.” She also continued, “”The earth will be struck with plagues of all kinds;  there will be wars up to the last war, which will then be waged by the ten kings of the Antichrist, kings who will all have a common design and will be the sole rulers of the world. Before this happens, there will be a sort of false peace in the world; people will think only of amusing themselves; the wicked will indulge in all kinds of sin; but the children of Holy Church, children of the true faith, my true imitators, will grow in the love of God and in the virtues dearest to me. Happy the humble souls lead by the Holy Ghost! I shall battle along with them until they reach the fullness of maturity.” If this does not scare you, my fellow Catholics, then I do not know what will.  Blessed Pope Paul VI famously stated that the smoke of Satan has entered the Roman Catholic Church.  It would seem that Rome is in desperiate need right now of a shepherd that will hold true to Catholic traditions and teachings.  Even before La Salette, the Cardinals and Bishops, during the Council of Trent passed a decree that should a Pope, Bishop or Priest remove or change anything from Scriptures of from the Holy Mass, they are automatically declared excommunicated and Anathema Sit!  The Pope, especially cannot change or remove anything from the Holy Mass and Scripture!  Everything that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is based off on is in the Bible!  Once you remove something from the Mass that is in the Bible, then the whole entire Mass is rendered useless and the Sacraments have less meaning.  We are facing a crsis right now in Rome with several mixed messages from the Pope to the press secretaries to the Cardinals with each telling various stories of what is really happening.  As faithful Catholics, we are bound to hold true to Sacred Scripture and the Dogmatic teachings that every council has said about the Holy Mass.  We must not only remember this, but we must know that we, as faithful people and members of Christ’s mystical body here on earth, must pray for Pope Francis, Cardinal Sarah, Cardinal Nichols, and Father Lombardi. Pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Mary’s and three Glory Be’s for them! They must be kept in our prayers to keep the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church and help us learn more about our faith!  sideweepOur Lady of La Salette, pray for us!

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