The Monstrasity of this Monstrance

World Youth Day 2016 is coming up very quickly in Krakow, Poland.  Several people including Diocesan youth groups, parish youth groups, Priests, Sisters, and various Consecrated Religious and Laity.  Let us pray for them in that they can experience Catholic in a proper and authentic way.  As you have probably seen what is floating around on Facebook or any Internet site, the monstrance that looks like the Divine Mercy image with the WYD image.  It is sad to see how Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is treated nowadays.  The Eucharist, as the Baltimore and the Catechism of the Catholic Church have stated that it is the Eucharist is the source and summit of all Christian life. How can the Eucharist be the source and summit of Christian life, when we treat the monstrance, that Jesus will be placed in if it is not built with our eyes rising to God and making our evening prayer of sacrifice?  The monstrance is another type of the Ark of the Covenant.  In the Bible, God tells Moses and Aaron to make the Ark of the Covenant out of wood, gold, silver, and bronze and how to make it (c.f. Exodus 25:1-22).  The Lord dwelt within the Ark and people did not only praise the Ark and what it contained, but it raised their eyes to God.  Even when Mary was anticipating with Jesus,  people were already drawing their eyes to God in wonder and amazement for what God had done to the Virgin Mary.  Saint John the Baptist, leapt in Saint Elizabeth’s womb and even raised his eyes to Heaven.  How beautiful that although Mary was still pregnant with our Lord and Savior, people were already looking towards her and her son while raising their eyes up to Heaven and thanking God.  Our Lord deserves better and his house (i.e. the monstrance) should be constructed of the same material objects that the Ark of the Covenant was created out of.  We as Catholics must hold true to Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition if we are going to hold the Blessed Sacrament as the source and summit of our lives.  We must hold true to how we hold the Eucharist when venerating Our Blessed Lord in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  We must restore the sacred and bring back those precious vessels that are worthy to hold and contain our Lord in!  Cardinal Arinze said it best when he stated about if we truly believe that we Christ is in the Blessed Sacrament, we should be crying, being on our knees and begging God for mercy and forgiveness.  How can we though when Our Blessed Lord is in a house that does not elevate our eyes to God.  It is time to bring back the gold, silver, and bronze again and contribute them into making a house worthy for Our Lord.  We must stop this monstrosity of modernism and bring back the traditions of Holy Mother Church.  The monstrance on the left is the WYD 2016 monstrance and the other one is what a monstrance should look like!!


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This is my story of how I fell in love with the Tridentine Latin Mass and about all things about the Roman Catholic Church.
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