The Weak Minded United States Conference of ‘Catholic’ Bishops

Last Monday, many Catholics and several Christians prayed in response and various Priests were celebrating Holy Mass for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in response to the Satanic mockery of the Holy Mass where they desecrated a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a pig’s heart and mocked the Eucharist in Oklahoma City.  Yes, they had a consecrated Host with them.  It should have been a Holy Day of Obligation here in the United States like it was all over the world, but in a ruling by the pseudo-Catholic Bishops, they made a ruling in 1991 that states that if a Holy Day of Obligation falls on a Monday, then it is not required.  That is ironic since they have named the Solemnity of the Assumption as a Holy Day of Obligation.

You would think that since it was a First Class Feast last week and the Bishops, knowing what was going to happen that they would have Priests doing Holy Hours or saying Holy Mass or better yet, have the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary be a Holy Day of Obligation as a way to rebuke the Satanists.  I was really holding up hope, but nope.  No statement from them telling the faithful in the United States or around the world what to d as a way to rebuke them.  It is a shame that when the faithful want counsel from our Bishops and Priests, they are not there to do anything.  Fortunately, one Archbishop did speak up.  Archbishop Coakley of Oklahoma City did speak up and was the only one of the Bishops here in the United States to encourage Priests to have Masses, Rosaries, and Prayer Rallies.  Not a word from my Bishop about anything in how to rebuke the events in Oklahoma or if any Priests would be saying Mass.

It really made me wonder what happened to good orthodox bishops like we had in the good old days.  We need another Saint Nicholas of Myra to slap out many of our Bishops, who act just like Arius. Arius did not care if others got his way nor did he preach any solid Doctrine or Theology.  He denied the sole fact that Jesus was both human and divine.  Saint Nicholas, acted out of love and service as a Bishop by slapping Arius because he knew that Arius was weak.  Arius is sadly, alive and well in the Catholic Church still.  We have Bishops that only exploit their ministry for a political gain.  A great example of this is Archbishop Blaise Cupich.  He does not care what the Catholic Church teaches such as homosexuality and Holy Communion being received by Catholics, who have been divorced.   He only cares about what Catholics want.  He only cares about what he wants such as the Democratic ideologies. Cupich and other many leftist Bishops only care in supporting things that are against Catholicism and are not compabible with Roman Catholicism.

There are also the types of Arius’s, who only care about having that title of Bishop, but do not care in promoting what true Roman Catholicism is as long as they are popular.  Cardinal Dolan is a great example of this.  He does not care what he does in New York as the Archbishop as long as people are flocking to him and not looking up the fact as a Bishop.  He is keeping Venerable Fulton Sheen’s body hostage and the only reason for that is because he would hate to see the first American Bishop be canonized before him.  Many people on Facebook type ‘Amen’ or ‘Dolan, we need more people like you.’  Woe to you, who type that.  Dolan is far from being a good Prince of the Catholic Church.  If anything, he has ruined the Archdiocese of New York.  There is an LGBT friendly parish there, but instead of threatening to close that parish down, he threatened to close down a Catholic parish that offered the Tridentine Latin Mass that is very popular in New York.

Our Bishops do not care about saving traditional Catholicism.  They have become so weak over the years, that we, as the laity or those, who are Priests are scratching our heads as how to perserve good old traditional Catholicism when we have weak minded Bishops, who promote Catholic Rice Bowl, Catholic Relief Services or anything like that which give our money to Planned Parenthood.  They can say that they are Pro-Life till kingdom come, but when our money is going to Planned Parenthood, how can they be so Pro-Life.  Now, I am certain that many good and faithful Dioceses have stopped doing CRB and CRS, which I applaud them for and they have my full support. It is those Bishops, who have not stoped CRB and/or CRS that I take issue with.  How dare they say they support Catholic teachings and doctrine, when they are breaking the Fifth Commandment?!?!?!!  They either need to back the Church up with being for life or leave the Church and find a Church that suits their radical leftist ideologies.

It is time for the USCCB to either act like Bishops or leave the Church so that a new orthodox USCCB can start and actually uphold Catholic Doctrine and not be weak.  The road to hell is lined with Bishop’s skulls and if that doesn’t put the fear of God into them, nothing well except for when they are judged by God.  While I am certain that there are great Bishops and Archbishops such as Archbishop Kurtz, who established the Fortnight for Freedom, we must pray for them to remain faithful and for those Bishops, who are laxed in the faith and abuse their cathedras as political gains.  We must pray for more orthodox Bishops to become part of the USCCB in the near future or else, we will lose our faith as Catholics to those Bishops, who are not faithful sons to Holy Mother Church.the_road_to_hell_by_erict.jpg



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This is my story of how I fell in love with the Tridentine Latin Mass and about all things about the Roman Catholic Church.
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