The Problem with Unorthodox Catholic Facebook Ministries

I am always in awe and supportive of various Catholic ministries on Facebook that promote the Catholic faith in an orthodox way through their posts and do some scummed to modernism or go back into the 70’s.  Okay, so I am 25 years old, but that era of the Catholic Church leaves a bad taste in my mouth with many innovations that harmed orthodoxy and has caused many Catholics to either leave the Church to seek out orthodox churches, become Protestant, or even worse, an atheist.  I love those pages that support orthodox Catholicism such as the Tridentine Latin Mass, support orthodoxy through sacred scripture and tradition.  Those are what brings people back into the Catholic Church.  Those Facebook pages help spawn a new generation of Roman Catholics to help bring back the Tridentine Latin Mass and our orthodox view of Catholicism and not this whole Modernism crap such as Catholics not having to do certain things such as fasting.  I was viewing this fasting page the other day on Google and while their message, I think is personally a great message is saying that all faiths are welcomed, they clearly state that they are Roman Catholics.  My concern is that a Roman Catholic page, who says that they are Catholic, should not dare to use a Protestant quote on their page.  If you claim to be Roman Catholic, you must follow what the Catholic Church teaches.  This Protestant, as some or not many of you have heard of, John Hagee despises and hates the Pope and the Catholic Church with a passion.  No one can say that they are Catholic and quote a Protestant, who denies the Real Presence in the Eucharist, the Immaculate Virgin Mary, and the Most Holy Trinity, and the intercession of Saints, etc. That’s not how it works.  As a Catholic, there is something that you say every Sunday!  That is the Credo!  When you say it at Holy Mass every Sunday, you are saying that you believe in the Real Presence, you believe in the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, the conception of the Holy Spirit, that Jesus descended to the dead and will come to judge the living and the dead.  You are not saying just some meaningless words!  You are saying that you truly believe in the Catholic Church and her teachings!!  You cannot say that you support Protestantism when you profess to be a Roman Catholic.  It doesn’t work that way.  You are either Catholic, or you are in a schism!  You either abide by the magisterium of the Catholic Church or you can leave at any time.  Now certainly, we have had bad Holy Fathers in the past and certainly there could be more in the future, but we must be obedient to the Church’s teachings and pray for them!!  Woe to those, who double speak!  Woe to those, who profess to be Catholic, yet support false ecumenism!  Woe to those, who recite the Credo, yet to not profess what they have said!  Shame on them!    Hold onto traditions and orthodoxy as a Roman Catholic!traditions


About storyofalatinmasscatholic

This is my story of how I fell in love with the Tridentine Latin Mass and about all things about the Roman Catholic Church.
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One Response to The Problem with Unorthodox Catholic Facebook Ministries

  1. Tino Tarango says:

    Great post, Nick! I do, however, have one qualm: Can you put it into paragraphs? 😀 Keep up the great work!


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