Shut Up and Pray!

It is very apparent that I am no longer in Europe. When you enter a Roman Catholic Church for Holy Mass, people are quiet and do not use their phones.  Instead, they say Rosaries or if possible, attend the Sacrament of Reconciliation before or during Mass up until Holy Communion.  They save all communication after the leave the Church and not dare to say one word about anything to another person.  Heaven forbid Roman Catholics in the United States should do the same thing such as shutting up once they enter the sanctuary or check to see how much money they have while people are listening to the homily being delivered by the Priest.  You are not there at Holy Mass to please yourself!  If you want to please yourself, go somewhere else!  You are there for God and He should be your only focus at Holy Mass.  Imagine what Jesus, in the last 24 hours were like as he knew that he was going to suffer and die as he entered that garden.  He did not talk to anyone and told them all to keep watch and pray.  You are entering that garden with Jesus once you pass through those doors!  You are keeping watch with him and even watching him as his body and blood are elevated and the symbolism is that Christ has died and has been pierced by the lance.  Imagine that!  The Priest is holding up your crucified Lord when the Body of Christ is held up for veneration and the Priest is collecting the Blood of Christ into one single chalice, which is overflowing with love for you.  But you really do not see it when you are talking at Holy Mass.  It is distracting to everyone, who is praying for the souls of the deceased and for peace everywhere or for their own personal intentions.  Jesus wants you to love him above all and loves you so much.  If your Creator created you out of love, why do you turn your backs to Him at the Sacrifice of the Mass by seeing how much money you have? Why do you choose the shortest way out of Holy Communion and not wait in the longest line (even if it for the Priest)? Why do you receive Holy Communion in the hand, when you know it has been not formally approved by Rome? All of this is a mockery of Jesus and what is even more heartbreaking is that you are telling the Blessed Mother, who is your Heavenly Mother that you do not really care about Jesus.  How this must break her heart every day when she sees how people mistreat her son at Holy Mass.  Pick the longest Communion line (even if is the Priest) and thank God for allowing you to be redeemed by the Cross of Jesus!  Pray the Rosary, say some “Hail Mary’s” or other traditional Catholic prayers before receiving Holy Communion!  Receive your Lord and Savior on the tongue while kneeling.  There is no better way of receiving your Lord than kneeling or standing while receiving on the tongue.  It not only shows to the Priest that you realize the Real Presence of Jesus, but you are setting a good example of what it means to be a Catholic.  Priests, it is your duty above all to create an atmosphere of prayer before and after Mass.  If you feel the need to tell the congregation to please be silent so others can pray and open their hearts before Holy Mass, do so!  Remember, you are in charge of the Parish!  You are the decider of what should and should not happen!  If you feel the need to tell your parishioners that you would like to have a prayerful atmosphere before and after Holy Mass, tell them like it is and tell them to turn off all cell phones and pagers.  As Priests, you have this special connection with our Lord and Blessed Mother.  You are connected directly to Calvary in the most intimate way possible by having the power to change the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ!  However, if you want people to share in that connection, tell them to be quiet at Holy Mass and stop worshipping themselves and worship the One, Triune God!  Even if you have to make a sign, do it and if you lose parishioners over it, then that is their problem and not yours!  It just shows them how they cannot shut up even for one hour to be with our Lord at Holy Mass and pray for others and various intentions.  Man up and put your foot down when it comes to talking while others are praying.  Here’s a wonderful suggestion to have people shut and pray either before or after Holy Mass!  Before or after each Mass, have a sign-up sheet for people, who wish to lead the Rosary before or after Sunday or Daily Mass.  I betcha that if you did that, people would stop talking and join in prayer.  It would foster a much more prayerful atmosphere and people would stop worshipping themselves or talk to others before and after Mass!  You will most likely see a positive influence in the parish and probably a lot more people would be evangelizing and saying what the parish does before and after each Mass.

Let us pray to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of our Eucharistic Lord, to obtain for us strong faith in the sacrifice and sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Such a faith will unfailingly produce the flowers of reverence, adoration and love, will promote our union with Christ, and will influence our entire Christian life.”

~Cardinal Francis ArinzePeter_Fendi_(Austrian_-_Fridolin_Assists_with_the_Holy_Mass_-_Google_Art_Project


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Baby, It’s Cool to be Modest During Summer!!

Summer is officially upon us and now, we are breaking out the shorts, t-shirts and having BBQs and trying to keep cool during the hot months of summer.   We have all heard of that song, “Baby, it’s cold outside” being played during winter and if you watch “Elf” at Christmas, you are already familiar with that song.  It is so interesting that during the winter season, we dress to be so warm and modest for Holy Mass, but yet in summer, women, especially wear tank tops and short shorts and then complain about being cold in an air conditioned Church.  Ladies, this time of year is a wonderful time to look your best when it comes to dressing up.  You have been given a special gift to wear really cute dresses that are modest and appropriate for accessorizing such as wearing a shawl or something  to cover up those areas that should only be shown to your future husband.  It is an amazing gift from God that he created you and you, as women should take pride in that.  Do not worry about if a man at Holy Mass this time of year finds you less attractive because you are not showing your private areas.  The one, who created you will find you much more attractive and if you happen to be single and there is a man, who just happens to be single and is praying the Rosary before or after Holy Mass, join him!  Who knows, he could be praying that you are his future spouse or praying for you to keep your dignity as a woman because he has recognized your beauty as a woman and wants you to keep it that way.  Every time I go to Holy Mass, I always say the Rosary for every woman there and that they will live a healthy and chaste married or religious life.  I love it even more when a woman comes through the doors and puts veil or something over her head as a sign that she is the crown of creation and that she is sacred in the eyes of God!  Women, here are some tips if you are single and if you want to court a solid Catholic man or you just want to look nice for summer:

-Do not wear revealing clothing.  Not only does this attract men, who just want you for your body, but it will not help you understand your dignity as a woman.  Also, it displeases God. You should dress to please God and not man!

-Wear modest dresses or accessorize! Women, wear dresses that you think God will find attractive, after all, he created you out of man!  It does not get anymore beautiful than that.  If you must wear a tank top style dress, put on a shawl once you enter the Church and wear it.

-Pray the Rosary (either before or after Holy Mass) with either your spouse or with a guy, who is praying the Rosary.  Who knows what could happen while you do.  Be proud that you are asking your Heavenly Mother to keep you pure and chaste.

-Dress like you are in Heaven.  In this world, which has been influenced by so many Demonic things, you have to remember that you are not part of this world.  Your citizenship is in Heaven.  The Mass is a big massive Wedding feast according to the Book of Revelations.  How cool is that?!?!  At a wedding, what do you wear? You wear a nice, modest dress that does not show anything or you use a cami or a shawl.  Use both!  Dress like you are meeting your groom or getting married for the first time.  Dress like that!  Okay, do not wear your wedding dress, but hopefully you got 2015-07-12-niles-cthe point!  Attend that Wedding Feast with all love and sincerity.

“The man gave names to all the tame animals, all the birds of the air, and all the wild animals; but none proved to be a helper suited to the man.  So the LORD God cast a deep sleep on the man, and while he was asleep, he took out one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh.  The LORD God then built the rib that he had taken from the man into a woman. When he brought her to the man, the man said:  “This one, at last, is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh;  This one shall be called ‘woman,’ for out of man this one has been taken.”  That is why a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife, and the two of them become one body.  The man and his wife were both naked, yet they felt no shame.”

Genesis 2:21-25

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Friday Special Edition: Novus Ordo Going Ad Orientem? Say What?!?!

In the latest news coming out of the Vatican and during the Musica Liturgica, Cardinal Sarah, who serves as Prefect in the Congregation for Divine Worship has called for all Priests to start saying the Novus Ordo Ad Orientem on Sunday, Novembr 27h, 2016, which is the fifth anniversary of the 3rd Roman  Missal and is the 1st Sunday of Advent.  Cardinal Sarah, much like his predecessor, then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who held the same post before becoming Pope Benedict XVI, has a love of all things traditional that raises the faithful to want to be like in Heaven.  So what does this mean about Pope Francis and Cardinal Sarah having the Mass being celebrated ad orientem? It means that the Novus Ordo will still be celebrated in the vernacular. It means that you and the Priest will be facing the New Jerusalem together.  It does not mean that this will just happen like a snap of a finger.  It will take some time to get used you for those of you, who follow this blog that attend the Novus Ordo versus populum.  It means that much like when the new Roman Missal came out, it will take some time adjusting to how things will be done at the Holy Sacrifice at the Mass.  Now, how does this impact you as a Roman Catholic.  This will likely not be a turn on immediately.  I speak from experience when I started attending the Tridentine Latin Mass.  It was a complete turn off for me for the first time.  Okay, so I loved the chants, but the responses and hymns that I had been accostmed to singing at the Novus Ordo were not sung.  However, the more I got involved such as serving and distributing those red English-Latin books, the more that I started loving the TLM and being catechized, the more that I stopped going the Novus Ordo every day.  Okay, so I attend the Novus Ordo to fulfill my Sunday obligation, but I stay in the narthex since I would probably lose my sanity.  A lot of you have messaged me if your Parish Church will have to be rebuilt and face east and where in Scripture does it say that we must face east among other things.  Holy Mother Church provides a wonderful explanation of facing east when it comes to the Liturgy.  According to Canon Law (which provides for this), facing east in a liturgical way meaning that even if your parish does not literally face east, you are still facing east towards the New Jerusalem in a liturgical sense.  In the Book of Revelations (c.f. Chapters 3,7,5, and 21) where Jesus come from the East and exercieses judgement on the living and dead in front of the New Jerusalem.  We are all, with the Priest facing the New Jerusalem and putting our backs to the secular world that promises us nothing whereas Jesus promises us life eternal. By having Pope Francis supporting the Novus Ordo, this sets a strong primesis along with Cardinal Sarah to once again, bring back the long lost sheep to the Roman Catholic Church.  This is great news that the Holy Father wants all Catholics to come back and help restore the sacred to the Holy Mass.  Let us pray in thanksgiving for this and for our Priests because they have the ultimate burden in making sure that this time of transition to have the Mass be said ad orientem will go smoothingly and that the laity will grow in their understanding of this.  It is not going to a quick snap of the finger and we must acknowledge this.  If you see someone struggling, invite them for a cup of coffee or whatever and teach them using the Bible.  It would be highly benefical if your Priest gave talks about this at Holy Mass or have him start a class talking about this change.  Extend an arm to them and help them out in understanding  this magnificant and wonderful change.  May Almighty God bless you and may Mary keep you!Cardinal Robert Sarah

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Liturgical Correctness and Liturgical Blindness

“Beauty, then, is not mere decoration, but rather an essential element of the liturgical action, since it is an attribute of God himself and his revelation. These considerations should make us realize the care which is needed, if the liturgical action is to reflect its innate splendour.” -Pope Benedict XVI

Liturgy for every Catholic is at the forefront for our spiritual life.  It is what makes us Catholic and makes us hold true to our identity from sacred music to the renewal of Calvary when the bread and wine actually become the Body and Blood of Jesus.  It is Christ that is the center of the Mass and the rubrics of the liturgy help us to remember that.  Since the new liturgical calendar was created in 1970 and there were new things that were innovated, we as Catholics have lost their identity and now, there is a battle going on between those, who want to have their stolen identity restored back to the sacred and those, who wish to be lost in their stolen identity with all these new and falsified innovations such as female lectors, female servers, and everything that has pretty much has feminized the Catholic Mass. The 1970’s Mass did away with so many things that one, almost cannot help to look them up and be appalled at what has happened since then and since the start of the Tridentine Latin Mass.  The Mass of Pope Paul VI, dare I say puts more pressure on the Priest and certain aspects such as time for the Mass.  This is what I call Liturgical Correctness.  Liturgical Correctness is a Priest, who wants to make the Mass feel good and wants to put on this “All Are Welcome” personification without being obedient to what the Catholic Mass should be!  The Mass is all about obedience in the liturgical sense.  It is about being obedient to what God has called us to do!  God has told us, as Catholics that we are to be obedient to him and to the Priest, who celebrates the Sacrifice of the Mass without making any innovations! Liturgical Obedience and Liturgical Correctness have also been plaguing Catholics on both sides of the aisle.  On one side, you have those, who want to continue to destroy the Mass in the name of wanting to be Liturgically Correct.  On the other side, you have authentic Catholics, who want to restore the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to its proper setting by having it done in the language of the Roman Catholic Church by being obedient to what the Catholic Church has always taught and wants the Mass to be correct in a way that is pleasing to God.  Pope Benedict XV said it best when he said that there should be nothing new that is taught!  How true and meaningful his words are!  Let nothing new be taught, except for what has been already handed down from the Church councils like the Council of Trent.  There should be no new man-made innovations to the Mass in the name of Liturgical Obedience and Liturgical Correctness. We must not let modernism plague the Holy Mass and have man feel more worthy than God.  Man is not more worthy of God because man is not God!  God is God alone and no one else is like him.  It is because of these two areas, that we are seeing a war between authentic Catholicism and those, who want to continue to innovate for their own powers.  That is wrong and if you believe that you should have more power at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, you cannot call yourselves a Catholic.  You should repent and turn back to the Triune God!   Today, we have many Priests, Bishops and Popes, who change the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass to fit their own personal needs or goals for their parish.  This is wrong on so many levels.  If people did not greet each other Calvary, do not have your congregation greet people right before Mass.  That is is not sacred in the eyes of the Lord.  It is your duty as a pastor, shepherd, and a Priest to set the example of how to worship Christ Jesus and to be there with his Mother at Calvary.  Imagine that!  You are with the Blessed Mother, Saint John and Saint Mary Magdalene at the foot of the Cross at Mass.  It is your duty to uphold authentic Catholic Masses and if you cannot do so, then either go back to the Seminary or find different a calling.Lay faithfulPope, it is your utmost duty as Catholics to pray for your Priests, to pray that authentic Catholicism will be restored and that the true identity of what it means to be a Roman Catholic in this day and age.  Venerable Fulton Sheen even told you that the Priests, Bishops and even the Pope will not save the Roman Catholic Church, but you will!  Pray for your identity as a Roman Catholic and for the restoration of the Holy Mass to become one again!  Pray as hard as you possibly can.  We can do all things through Christ, who gives us strength!

“Let nothing new be introduced, but only what has been handed down.”- Pope Benedict XV


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Modesty and Mass: Is it that Really Important

“Why must I dress up for just one hour for Mass, Mom and Dad?” “It is so long and boring….I really do not want to go!”  If you have teenagers or thinking about having a family in the near future, you will be hearing this or have heard this a million types.  Okay, I am overreaching, but I hope you get the point.  There is something wrong in today’s society, when a parent or both parents allow their children to have that ‘come as you are’ philosophy.  I just came back from Europe about a month and ten days ago and I can tell you that if it is another thing that the European Catholics are beating American Catholics is that they know how to dress up for Holy Mass.  You will not see one European Catholic dare to wear shorts or a t-shirt either inside a Catholic Church to walk around in or attend Holy Mass in.  The Catholic Churches in Europe have a strict dress code and if you are not wearing pants and a dress shirt, you are denied access until you look presentable.  Women cannot also wear tank tops unless they are wearing a sweater.  I personally love that idea and think that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops should do the same thing! This past Sunday, I wrote a blog about courtships that lead to marriage.  A bride and groom must wear appropriate and modest attire to their wedding day, so why not us at Holy Mass? In the Book of Revelations, the Mass is about the Wedding Feast of the Lamb of God.  Everyone is dressed to the nines or are wearing something modest that is pleasing to God.  Why do we not do this at Holy Mass? If we truly believe that Christ should be at the center of lives in what we do, what we think and how we receive Jesus in the Eucharist, shouldn’t we at least try to look our best? Men and women alike should dress like they are going to a wedding. If you are wearing a spaghetti strapped dress or something that will distract a man from paying attention to Jesus at Mass or if you think it will be, either do not wear it or put a sweater over the dress, so it can be modest.  There are men that attend Holy Mass looking to take your daughter away from you and by him seeing what she is wearing that is inappropriate will go after her and kidnap her.  A woman at Mass should not dress to please man, but to please God and God alone.  Men, you are not out of the woods either. You are a man and as such, you are to set the example at Holy Mass.  You are to act just like Christ and be like Christ especially in places like attending Mass or just being at a Catholic Church.   Christ did not dress comfortably when going to worship in the temple, he dressed because his culture dressed that way.  Cultures from then to now have changed and Christ is still present in the Tabernacle.  Everything you do as men has impact on children, women and everyone across the board.  Dress like you are dressing to meet your bride for the first time.  The Church is the Bride of Christ that leads us all to Jesus.  How do you want to meet Jesus? In crappy clothes or dressed up to how a man should look like? Men, once you start taking accountability for your actions, you will have the biggest impact in the world.  Here are some suggestions on how to impact the world:

-Start dressing appropriately (no wearing Hawaiian shirts, no shorts, sandals and especially shorts that are way above the knee).
-Start by wearing short sleeve dress shirts with pants and shoes (blazer optional with tie).
-Start saying the Rosary before Holy Mass (say it after is an option also).
-Start praying once you get into the Church.  Save that whole greeting thing for later when Holy Mass is over.  You are not there for socialization, you are there for God and God alone.  He is the only one that is going to save you.

Once you start doing these steps, you will have the biggest impact on how people should look for God at Holy Mass!

I rejoice heartily in the LORD, in my God is the joy of my soul;  for he has clothed me with a robe of salvation and wrapped me in a mantle of justice, like a bridegroom adorned with a diadem, like a bride bedecked with her jewels.  As the earth brings forth its plants, and a garden makes its growth spring up, so will the Lord GOD make justice and praise spring up before all the nations.

~Isaiah 61:10-11catholic

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Special Sunday Edtion: Courtship; Folly or Real

befb010d7e95d1f5bc884d865f30a422In the world of being a Latin Mass person, dating is loosely translated as the couple making up their own rules.  Some of those rules can be considered being in a ‘relationship’, but freely dating others or having a one night stand or having sex outside of marriage and even fornicating with each other.  Courtship is way much different than dating.  Courtship is the step towards marriage.  You have set strict rules in place and have told your parents and have frequent outings with everyone.  The idea of courtship is all centered on God and not just the couple.  It is God, who created the courtship and the couple, who love Jesus more than each other know that.  The most popular phrase nowaday is “It takes three to marry.”  The couple not only marries God and want to grow in holiness, but there is something beautiful and much juicier than that.  Imagine if you will, you are at a wedding Mass and all of a sudden, you see Jesus standing next to the Priest, you see the Blessed Mother standing beside the bride and Saint Joseph standing beside the groom.  Above all of them is God, the Father sending down the Holy Spirit upon the couple.  That is what the marriage and courtship is to be like.  Courtship, in a secular world, is meant to be this whole notion of it being folly and not in tune with the world.  Dear brothers and sisters, courtship is the real deal.  It helps prepare you for holiness through the Sacrament of Marriage and to be like the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  Those, who are called to marriage and to have a family are all called to be like the Holy Family.  It can be done.  Jesus is right there with you along with the Blessed Mother, and Saint Joseph.  They are not only interceding for you in Heaven, but they are walking with you during your journey of married life.  Call upon their names and ask them to help you and guide you through lives journies.  Ask any couple that the physical part of marriage is a burden, but the spiritual rewards are great.  Courtship can be done and it is a real thing that God created so that man and woman can have their dignity!

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Special Edition: Sacred Music….What Happened?!?!

Recently971_Vespere_1400.png, I decided to attend a Novus Ordo Mass.  I thought it was going to nice and respectful to God until the soloist told us to greet everyone around us before announcing the processional hymn.  There are some things that you should do before Mass and this is not it.  You are not there to meet and greet people.  Do that either before or after Holy Mass.  You are at Holy Mass for Jesus, not for yourself.  You do not go to Holy Mass to meet others.  Nobody greeted themselves while Jesus was walking up to Calvary to be ultimately crucified.  You had people, who mocked and jeered at him, while you had heroic people like Saints Veronica and Simon of Cyrene, who aided Jesus in helping him out or people who were weeping for him.  Which do you want to belong to at Mass? Imagine for a moment, that instead of the Priest processing in, you see Jesus entering the garden and praying for us as he asks the Father to take away the chalice.  Now, transition into the various parts of the Mass such as the Kyrie and the consecration of the bread of wine that become the Body and Blood of Jesus.  Picture Saint Peter denying Christ three times during the Kyrie and we are begging God for mercy.  Now, picture Jesus on the cross by the time that we transition into the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  Jesus dies as the host is elevated and his side is pierced when the chalice is elevated.  Now, shouldn’t music echo the same thing? Pope Saint Pius X said it best when the organ and Gregorian Chant should be the only music at Mass.  What I experienced last night was not Calvary or anything like that.  It was more of praise type of event.  Even the soloist, when announcing the processional hymn said, “Please join in our opening song of praise…..” I was horrified.  While we are to praise God in song and word, we must remember that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is not about the music and if all you are worried about is the music, you are not doing Holy Mass right.  The music is supposed to complement the Mass, not the other way around.  We must not only pray to restore the sacred but to catechize those, who have been fed with the music of Schutte, Landry, and every OCP music that has heresy in them.  We must help preserve Catholicism and we must do so, not by means of force, but by means of teaching them about what the Roman Catholic Church teaches about the Liturgy, its sacredness and what it means to have Sacred Music back again.  We have excellent tools from Pope Saint Pius X up through Pope Benedict XVI on how to bring back Gregorian Chant and how to foster the sacredness of music and Mass.  The time has begun, brothers and sisters!  Let’s do this for Holy Mother Church.  She needs our help right now!  Go out there and help our fellow Catholics understand what sacred music really is and not this cotton ball fluff Liturgy and feel good things.

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